Keshmoon Short Description

In current saffron supply chain, saffron from farmer goes through several middlemen to get to final consumers.


Good Saffron innovates this supply chain. Good Saffron is a platform/marketplace that combines a social network that brings saffron smallholder farmers and final consumers together and an e-commerce portal that streamlines the entire sales/purchase process of farmers and consumers plus on-site activities to enable farmers to best use the platform.


In Good Saffron platform/marketplace each farmers comes with a photo-based profile and personal shop. Consumers/buyers have access to the profiles and can place order with any farmer. Saffron packs will be shipped from our stock/base in Europe (for quick delivery).


Good Saffron improves farmers’ market share and market access and at the consumers’ side it helps them to get fresh quality and authentic saffron right from a farmer. In addition to knowing the story behind their pack of saffron, by feed-backing directly to the farmer, they will improve the quality of saffron they get.



Being focused is the key to success in a startup; that’s why our main service in the first three year would be enabling farmers to reach European final consumers (marketplace will receive a transparent commission per transaction).

Our main activities to build this new supply chain includes:

  • Branding at consumers’ side
  • Services for Money transfer and protection and shipment of sold saffron
  • Match making services for big quantities and long term supply
  • Packing services 
  • Empowering saffron farmers to best use the platform


What makes us innovative:

(1) Building a platform for Direct-Trade of saffron.
(2) Combining a social network and an e-commerce portal to help farmers to build a community of buyers around themselves.

To know about our social and environmental impact please visit this page.