Mo Qaem’s Curriculum Vitae

Personal details:
Name and Surname: Mohammad Qaempanah[1]
Nationality: Iranian
National Identity No.: 094-338862-7
Date of Birth: December 17, 1979
Place of Birth: Mashhad, Iran.
Address: No. 105, 22nd St., Felestin Blvd., Mashhad, Iran.
Zip Code: 91857-48153

Phone number: +98 915 316 3463 (mobile)
Email address: mo.qaem [at]

Mother tongue: Persian
Other languages: English (fluent)

Marriage status: Married
No. of children: One daughter (Date of birth: Dec. 24, 2015)

Graduated in Applied physics (Bachelor of Science)
from Azad University, Mashhad Branch (1998-2005).

Other Courses:
I have successfully completed “Import – Export Management” course at Education center of Mashhad Chamber of Commerce and Industries (2005)
Successfully completed a 2 year course in movie making (1999)

Work Experience:

Apadana Rayaneh Qohestan P.J.S. Reg. No. 376 (Feb. 2002 – Mar. 2004):
Address: Qaen city, South Khorasan Province, Iran.
Title: Founder and Managing Directory
I searched to find a job and I couldn’t find. So I started one.
Tasks Performed: The Company was involved in sales of personal computer systems (hardware & software sales and technical support) and I established the 2nd Internet Service Provider of the city. I was the key person in both technical and commercial aspects of business; establishing the business from zero. I had 1-3 employees.
It was my first business and I was learning how to run a business. At the end I was bankrupted and I sold the equipment.

Web designing and Programming (Mar. 2004 – Jun. 2004):
Tasks Performed: designing statistical websites and programming by Visual Basic.Net
Reason for leaving: Anarain Co. employed me.

Anarain Food Production Co. (Jun. 2004 – Dec. 2005):
Title: Export Manager
Headquarter address: Mashhad, Iran.
Tasks Performed: I approached the company to design their website. But they employed me to start their export division. I was in charge of determining and managing company foreign sales plans, negotiating with potential foreign buyers, document preparation of export shipments, dealing with custom brokers and shipping companies, preparing the duty list and supervising the employees of export division. I learned everything with the help of the coach that company provided. This coach became my next partner.
Achievement: regular buyers in Europe (Germany and UK) and Far East.
Reason for leaving: Starting my own saffron export business company

Sekha Toos Trading Co.  The Paradise Saffron division (Dec. 2005 – May. 2010):
Title: Shareholder and Executive Manager of Paradise Saffron division
Headquarter address: No. 69, 1st St., Abouzar Qaffari Ave., Ahmad Abad Blvd., Mashhad, Iran.
Tel: +98 513 843 6698-9  Fax: +98 513 843 5757
Tasks Performed: Planning the business (exporting Iranian saffron), trying to penetrate target markets and finding potential buyers, negotiating with interested parties to get an order, preparing saffron shipments (buying saffron, controlling the quality & packing), preparing documents, dealing with banks, custom brokers and shipping companies.
Achievement: selling Iranian saffron to USA, Italy, Poland and etc.
I had the honor to work closely and learn from S. J. Sekhavati (the president of mother company / He was the vice president of Mashhad Chamber of Commerce)

Ariely Commodities Inc. (USA) (Jan. 2006 – Feb. 2008):
Title: A part time job to represent the company in Iran – Ariely Commodities was buying large quantities of Pomegranate Juice Concentrate (PJC) – (Iran at that time was the no. one producer of PJC in the world in quantity and quality).
Headquarter address: 700 lands end drive, Longboat Key, Florida, 34228, USA.
Tasks Performed: Locating, evaluating and negotiating with Pomegranate Juice Concentrate producers in Iran to achieve an agreement on technical aspects and all business terms, Preparing the draft of the contracts for the head office in USA, Supervising the PJC production line, storage in cold stores, shipping to the port and corresponding affairs in Iran, protecting the company interests in Iran.
Reporting directly to Company President: Mr. Yoram Ariely.

Avicina Co. Ltd. (Seoul, South Korea) (Jan. 2006 – Feb. 2008):
Title: Part time company representative in Iran (company buys food products from Iran: dates, sultana, rosewater, different types of packed fruit juice and etc.)
Tasks Performed: After being informed of the inquiries from head office, corresponding suppliers were found in Iran and the best offer was passed to Korea. Money would be wired directly to supplier or through me to suppliers. Coordination and supervision required in Iran was done by me.
Reporting directly to: Managing director Mr. Lari
Reason for termination of activity is the Sanctions imposed on Iranian banks (I still have good personal and business relations with Mr. Lari).

Khane[2] Vegan Restaurant (May. 2010 – Sep. 2012):
Title: Founder and Manager
I started two vegan restaurants in Mashhad (the second big city of Iran). They were the first vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the city. Our goal was to introduce the concept to the city and raise the awareness on the connection between our diet and climate change and also animal rights. The place was used as a gathering place for environmental groups.
Le Monde wrote an article about our restaurant:

It was the first social business I started. I was in charge of planning the whole business, renting the place, building the kitchen and planning for interior design, team building, preparing the recipes, procurement of equipment, defining the work processes, advertisement and etc.
I handed over the restaurant to my friends on Sep. 2012 and moved to a very small village in the mountainsides with my wife. There I was busy with gardening for few months.

Kavikonj Nature School (Apr. 2013 – Aug. 2015)
Title: Founder and Managing director
Cities are growing and children are losing their connection with nature more and more. No doubt it comes with many consequences for their own development and also for nature. Kavikonj was my second social business. I got the idea from Mr. Hossein Vahabzadeh the outstanding ecologist of the country and an ICUN member. When I started this business I was alone except my wife and few volunteers. At that time the term “Nature School” was unknown in Iran. When I left this business, it had a well-organized team consisting of 10 members; each with a specific work area, task processes and work process. We had a good community of families sending their children to our nature school and therefore a good revenue stream, we had built good relations with the authorities of our city and many environmental activists from all over the country had come to visit Kavikonj in order to start a similar nature school in their city.

Kavikonj Nature School received lots of media coverage as it was the first nature school of the country. Now Nature Schools are a leading environmental movement in the country with over 10 nature schools working in various cities of Iran and more are on the way.

This social business was supported by Agriculture Incubator of Science and Technology Park of Mashhad, Iran.
I left Kavikonj as I decided to convert it to a non-for-profit organization to better play its role as an example for other nature schools of the country.

Raya Nixima Co. (Aug. 2015 – Feb. 2016)
For a short period I was part of a successful saffron exporting company with good presence in international scale; company has a strategic partner based in Germany; Miasa GmbH, that represents it in Europe and North America.
I am leaving Nixima Saffron as I am planning to start my next social business; F2C Platform. It is a platform to increase the market access of 180,000 smallholder saffron farmer.

Volunteer activities:

  • I am a city cyclist and I have been part of a group promoting city cycling in the city.
  • I have been part of a Non Governmental Organization working to raise awareness and call to act for underground water resources crisis.

My Competencies and Key Work Skills:

  • Integrity and ethics is my most important competency (Wherever I have worked I was highly trusted)
  • “Walking the talk” and acting in line with my core values and beliefs
  • Persistence and following through especially when faced with adversity or challenges (most of the times I have developed a business from zero)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Building effective teams (in most of my jobs I have planned everything and built a new team to achieve my goals)
  • Dealing with ambiguity (to make an effective decision when enough information is not available)
  • Being Self-director and self-paced learner (I have learned English, static web designing, and all my entrepreneurial skills by myself).

– Working (I have to remind myself frequently that life is not just working)
– Playing with my little daughter
– Running

My dreams:
– Growing my own food in a quiet and peaceful village with friends and wildlife living around
– Participating in a Marathon
– A peaceful world


[1] I prefer to shorten my name and surname to Mo Qaem in informal situations.
[2] Khane means Home in Persian.