One typical day of Hajisay

Hajisay is the husband of Mo Qaem’s aunt. He is the first farmer on the F2C Platform. Mo, the startup founder, is trying to document his life. The following is a typical day of Hajisay.


He leaves early in the morning to scythe the wild plants covering the whole saffron field. It’s amazing that saffron plant is completely lost among the wild plants growing by themselves. Let’s have a close look:


The dried needle-like leaves at the middle of the photo belong to saffron plant. Now it is around the mid-spring and everything is green. Why saffron is dried? That’s the magic of saffron. The plant is dormant during the spring and summer and wakes up to grow during autumn and winter. This is why saffron is low water requiring; there is no irrigation during warm seasons.
To have better comparison I cut the leaves and put them next to each other:


After a while Hajisay’s wife finishes her jobs at home and join us for scythe. Women are highly involved in farm work. They are in charge of home affairs including cooking food and also children. Hajisay’s wife is the aunt of Mo Qaem, the startup founder.


After few hours of work, the sun is now is high in the sky and it is time for a short break and breakfast. Hajisay stands up and loads the donkey 😉


These wild plants will be dried and used for feeding the animals during the winter. When we get back to home, my aunt, the Hajisay’s wife bring us a simple breakfast.


After a short period Hajisay leaves to prepare the water channels for tomorrow. Tomorrow is his turn to irrigate his farms. He has cultivated many things including wheat, barely, potato and etc. I will write separately about the farmers’ irrigation system.

In the afternoon, I joined him again. He was preparing a new piece of land for planting saffron. He was using his donkey and powerful bull to plow the land. I tried help a bit but I have to confess it is a very technical task; many details are involved and most importantly the bull and the donkey well understand that the man guiding them has changed and is a naive one.


and then he had to change the tool connected the animals and flatten the soil:


The process filled the whole afternoon. I could not help much. I went back to bring some water to drink.
On the way back, in a piece of land next to Hajisay’s home, I saw my aunt and who had finished her job, scything some alfalfa for their animals. She had sitting down and playing with her grand children. He daughter had joined him. I asked for a photo.


I could not cover the whole happenings of the day but I think now we have a good glimpse into their life.

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  1. That was very nice and gave me feeling of being there!
    Just i wish i could see them closer, especially their faces.
    If i could see inside their homes as a typical home of a farmer, that would help me to have a stronger communication with them.
    Hope the best for you and them.

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