Saffron from Hajisay

One year hard work of Hajisay yield in Nov. the harvesting season of saffron. Saffron is a exceptional plant that is dormant during spring and summer and grows in autumn and winter. You cannot imagine how great is such plant for a dry climate facing water crisis. On the other hand what makes saffron like a miracle is its high value that enables farmers to afford their lives.


180 saffron flowers are picked up by Hajisay for each one gram of saffron. His family and neighbors help him to pick 540 red filaments out of these 180 flowers and then it is how that one gram of saffron gets to your table.

IMG_20151105_054531This is his elder son helping the family with flower harvesting in last Nov. Saffron is the most important source of income for Hajisay. Following graph shows that although saffron requires much lower water but it brings the most value to the family:


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  1. Great article! Thank you for sharing. In this article, I heard a story of a farmer, the hardship he and his family endure, a plant/ food we love, but do not respect enough. We take it for granted as we see it in our food, but never think for a minute how hard it is to grow and harvest.
    Best wishes for your project! Keep sharing these stories, they are educational and eye opening! Thank you.

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