Saffron Harvest Season 2016

It is Oct. and Nov. 2016; saffron harvest season has started. The most exciting season for Good Saffron team since it is the first season for our young startup. We are much busy with documenting what each farmer is doing in his farm. These content will be used later to feed their profiles.

If we had to follow farmers, we had to work up early in the morning in the dark…

I have taken few photos from last farmers who their harvesting took so long and I have good light for my photos:.

Each farmer is accompanied by his family members and possibly one two workers.

They hand pick flowers and collect them in pieces of cloth to be taken to home for separating saffron red stigmas.


Everybody participates in this family – farming event. Around 180 flowers must be hand picked and then hand separated to have one gram of saffron. After drying stigmas they are ready to be sent to you :)

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