Taking saffron bulbs to the new farm

This is post is part of a series of posts about Hajisay by Mo Qaem, the founder of F2C Platform. Hajisay is the first farmer that will be on this platform and he is the husband of Mo’s aunt.

Last day Hajisay prepared a piece of land that he wants to make it a new saffron farm. That day, on the way back to home he showed me a previously saffron farm which he had converted it to a potato farm now. He had bring out all saffron bulbs from that piece of land and made a pile of them.


Saffron bulbs are covered by wild plants to be protected from sun light and heat.


OK, today is the day to take the bulbs to the piece of land that soon will become a saffron farm. Hajisay put them in bags and load them on the donkey. Tomorrow they will be planted. That is a special event that other farmers will come too to give a hand.


We went also to another pile of saffron bulbs to take them to the new farm too. Come back to Hajisay’s blog to read the rest of the story.

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