Head (Co-Founder & CEO): Mo Qaem
Mo Qaem - Saffron farm - Mar 2016 -1
The visionary and dreaming leader of the team, in charge of startup leadership, strategic planning, motivation and commitment management of team members and networking (Public Relation management). For Mo’s C.V. please visit this link.

The geek (Head of web and mobile service team): Hamze Qaem
Our business is like a warship and our geek is in charge to making and maintenance of the vessel. He is responsible for bringing together the various technologies required to build our online services. Hamze Qaem (the brother of Mo Qaem) is well educated and highly experienced to take this position.

Farmer Relation Manager (Co-Founder): Ebi Qaem

One of two main sides of this multi-sided platform is farmers. To be able to win the farmers’ trust is never an easy issue (due to their special socioeconomic situation).
He is an educated farmer from Qaen. He has had his own farm and garden while he has been a geology teacher (he applies for early retirement to get fully involved in this startup).  He is a Mo’s uncle (from father side) and they have a very good relationship. Having a farmer in management level of startup highly increases Good Saffron’s success chance at farmer side; we will have a much deeper understanding of farmers and we will be able to design right value proposition for them.

Strategic Advisor: Siamak Khorrami
We know Siamak via Mo Qaem. He was his mentor in his last social business, Kavikonj Nature School. Siamak is a entrepreneurship and startup consultant. Mo had a great experience with him and this made the base to ask Siamak to get involved in Good Saffron, first as a mentor and then as a team member.
Hi is graduated from M.Sc. , Master of Applied Environmental Studies, Local Economic Development from School of Environment, Enterprise and Development, Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo, Canada.
Siamak has played a critical role in Good Saffron success till now.

Farmers Documentation Officer: Majid Qaem
He is another member of family who is actively involved in Good Saffron. He documents the moments of farmers by photos and videos to be reflected in their profiles. His professional skills in photography and associated fields are essential in preparing required content for farmers’ profiles.

Prospect team members:

Farmer Lift: Hossei Talieb
He is an educated person with farming background, based in Qaen, Iran. He is in charge of giving a lift to farmers; He goes to them one by one and make friendship with them. He helps them to best use our platform. He works in close relation with Ebi Qaem (Farmer Relation Management). He is one of Mo’s relatives (son in law of Mo’s aunt).

Research & Development Manager: Mousa Mousavi (Ph.D.)
There are some traditional challenges in saffron farming and supply chain; that are accepted as the nature of this produce. We will try to employ game changing ideas and modern technology to change the story in the benefit of both farmers and consumers.
More info will soon be uploaded in this section.