The special event of saffron bulb planting – Part I

Today a very special event happens. Other farmers and many family members are coming to give a hand.
First I would like to introduce participating people.

Midi; Hajisay’s middle son

Hossein a farmer from the same Keshmoon (farm area), Bolhori

Mr. Talebi, Hajisay’s son in law. He is a teacher but he helps a lot to his father and father in law.

Asqar, the second Hajisay’s son in law

Masoud, the youngest son of Hajisay

Qolom; one of the eldest farmers of Bolhori (a farm area or in local language Keshmoun)

Hajisa, Hajisay’s brother (their names seems very similar but I assure you that Hajisa is much different by Hajisay)

OK, I was there too: Mo Qaem. The niece of Hajisay’s wife.

My aunt who is Hajisay’s wife, Fatome, Hajisay’s daughter and Somaye, Hajisay’s grand daughter. I could not cover them in my report since they were preparing some food as launch at home for the ceremony of tonight. But no worries, we have Fatome here since he brought us a big kettle of tea.

And do not forget Hajisay himself

And kindly please have his bull and donkey in mind.
I am sorry to not cover,┬áin my introduction, the second donkey, who was Hajisa’s donkey. He was involved too. I am sure he will forgive me as he will be showcased in Hajisa’s blog separately.

In second part I will tell you how saffron plantation happens.

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